Passive Systems: A Double-Edged Sword

Passive radon mitigation system in Nashville, TN

Passive Systems: A Double-Edged Sword What is a passive radon system? Basically, it’s a radon mitigation system without the fan. Passive and active systems are exactly the same except one has a fan and one doesn’t. The beauty of a passive system is that, if installed correctly, a fan can be easily attached making it…

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What’s Under Your Slab?

When you’ve drilled into as many slabs as I have, you learn that not every house has the same material under the concrete pad. Have you ever even considered what’s under your house? In other words, what did the builder do before the slab was poured? The answer is – It could be one of…

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First Post! Some background on myself and what I do!

I’m John Ottwein,  also known as The Radon Guy! I’ve been installing radon systems for over ten years. Way back in 2008 I started my first radon mitigation company in the St. Louis area, putting some of my real estate and construction background to better use. 2008 was probably the worst time to start a…

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