Commercial Radon Services

Radon & Sub-Slab Vapor Mitigation Services for Commercial Buildings

Like residential homes, large building can have elevated radon levels as well. Schools, office buildings, and multi-family housing structures are all susceptible to elevated levels of radon.

As awareness of radon and it's risks rises, employers, parents, and tenants are beginning to test office spaces, schools and apartments more frequently. While building codes for radon-resistant construction are on the rise, most large buildings are without any sort of passive piping and require retro-fit systems installed to mitigate. You need a certified radon professional whose trustworthy and experienced to insure you aren't dealing with issues down the road.

You can trust The Radon Guys to:

  • Assess and test your building for radon;
  • Make smart mitigation recommendations;
  • Install the mitigation systems;
  • Set-up conflict-free third party testing to make sure the work is complete