Multifamily Radon Mitigation

Radon & Sub-Slab Vapor Mitigation for Multi-Family Dwellings

Apartments, condos and other types of multi-family buildings are susceptible to radon too.

No matter what foundation type the building sits on, high radon levels are always possible. As testing becomes easier for the average consumer, more and more tenants are requesting mitigation services be performed to reduce their risk of lung cancer. The Radon Guys are NRPP certified and have successfully mitigated thousands of homes, multi-family dwellings and commercial buildings.

You can trust The Radon Guys to:

  • Assess and test your building for radon;
  • Make smart mitigation recommendations;
  • Install the mitigation systems;
  • Set-up conflict-free third party testing to ensure radon levels are at an acceptable level.

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