Do I Need a Crawl Space Encapsulation?

crawl space encapsulation with dehumidifier

Is crawl space encapsulation necessary for radon mitigation? The short answer is YES. My previous post on radon testing explains that crawl space homes can have elevated levels of radon in the living area. But how do you actually mitigate a crawl space? The method is simple and sensical, but sometimes people grapple with crawl space…

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Radon Testing: Is Your Home a Radon House?

Thinking of testing your home for radon? Testing for radon these days is much more simple and accurate than in the past. There are a variety of testing devices available (see our recommended radon measurement devices!) that are easy to understand and user-friendly. Should I test for radon? YES! One of the most important things…

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What’s Under Your Slab?

When you’ve drilled into as many slabs as I have, you learn that not every house has the same material under the concrete pad. Have you ever even considered what’s under your house? In other words, what did the builder do before the slab was poured? The answer is – It could be one of…

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